Rose Shiny Coord (ローズシャイ二ー) is an Ultra Rare coord from La Rondine. It appeared in Episode 07, worn by Yuuto Kuroishi and Keigo Kazama.

There is a DS rarity variation as well.


Episode Image User
Episode 07

Keigo Kazama

Yuuto Kuroishi



A white top with a tie (black for Keigo, gold for Yuto), worn beneath a black vest with pale gold lining and a row of silver buttons. A jacket with shimmering material on the pocket flaps and left side of the lapel (pale indigo for Keigo, milk-blue for Yuto). The opposite side of the lapel is made of tulle (dark grey for Keigo, gold for Yuto) with silver shards sewn to it. On the right sleeve and torso is a rose pattern (dark grey for Keigo, pale gold for Yuto), along with silver shards. A black flower with gold beads and two black feathers is sewn to the left corner of the chest, and black gloves with the top of the hand cut out.


Pants with four silver buttons and lining on the legs. On each side of the hip are gold designs. Yuto's pants are black, while Keigo's are white. 


Glittering shoes with the flaps at the middle of the foot and the toe silver. Lining is on the front and middle of the foot, as well as the sole. On the top of the shoe are four straps. Keigo's shoes are black with pale gold lining, while Yuto's are white with black detail.


A golden kings crown adorned with several emerald gems.

There is also another accessory item consisting of two silver earrings, one shaped like a skull, the other a rose.

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
Tumblr oeqs87bI0e1vgctpqo1 1280
Rose Shiny Jacket Ver. Keigo

Tumblr oeqsd0gUxD1vgctpqo1 400
Rose Shiny Pants Ver. Keigo

Tumblr oeqsh7Dvwy1vgctpqo1 1280
Rose Shiny Shoes Ver. Keigo

Tumblr oq1gp07QOX1vgctpqo1 250
Imitation Prince Crown

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
Tumblr ohh9gtlWg11vgctpqo2 1280
Rose Shiny Jacket Ver. Yuto

Tumblr ohkj3aJvAH1vgctpqo1 1280
Rose Shiny Pants Ver. Yuto

Tumblr okg4m1cjFx1vgctpqo1 1280
Rose Shiny Shoes Ver. Yuto

Tumblr otwx3yNhqY1vgctpqo1 400
Skull and Rose Earrings


  • Oddly, the Skull and Rose accessory is an Alexandra Z item.


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