Chizuru and Yuzuru?!
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Kanji 千弦と唯弦?!
Air Date 11-4-16
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Chizuru and Yuzuru?! is the 6th episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on November 4th, 2016.


Interested by Kanade, Chizuru's twin brother Yuzuru decides to make an appearance. However, hurt feelings from the past are brought up after Yuzuru demands to switch places with Chizuru to get closer to Kanade.


In the office, Haruto and Sho make conversation while preparing crepe and going through a magazine. They chat about how well Traffic Signal has been doing since coming as a unit by pushing each other as not only team mates, but rivals.

As this is going on Kanade s hanging out with Itsuki and Chizuru, listening to a recent Idol coverage story featuring Traffic Signal and their raising popularity. Itsuki points out that he and Chizuru must focus on getting their unit together as well, with Chizuru sounding hesitant.

Meanwhile, someone is walking through the hallway while watching the program featuring Tra-Sig. They are excited by Kanade's popularity all of the sudden.

Chizuru happens to spot someone in the next idol group being discussed and points him out to Kanade. Before he can explain why they look alike, the boy suddenly shows up. Yuzuru is formally introduced to Kanade, and to his surprise he learns they are twins. He is further surprised to learn that Yuzuru has surpassed Debut stage and has a CD out.

Rather than pay his brother attention, Yuzuru latches onto Kanade and informs him that he can also call him "Yuzu". While fawning over Kanade, Yuzuru offers Chizuru a new type of energy drink, only for it to actually be a laced with hot peppers. The drink ends up being so hot, Chizuru flees the room to find relief for his burned mouth. Yuzuru takes advantage of this and gets closer to Kanade, bringing up his appearance on Heartthrob Prince and how much it excited him- but he is unable to get any closer when Chizuru returns, much too soon for his taste. Sweetly he says goodbye to Kanade and takes off for work, snubbing Chizuru in the same instance.

Kanade, bewildered by what just happened listens as Chizuru brings up the radio show they will be working on as well. Kanade admits that he forgot, and he is scolded as Junya and Shin join their table. Itsuki explains how the radio program works, in that people can work loosily on it since they won't be seen in person, but they should still treat it like a serious job.

That evening Kanade talks with Itsuki regarding how antisocial the brothers seemed to be. Itsuki admits that he doesn't know all that much, but when they were younger they had been very close, and once Chizuru showed him a photo album of them together. Back then they were identical with the exact same looks, and they were so happy and were never apart. But he noticed that soon, the pictures became those only of Chizuru, around the time he was scouted. At that point something happened between the two of them, but he couldn't ask what- although he bellieves deep down that Chizuru may want to be in a unit with his brother, but he already made his debut so at the time it is impossible.

Meanwhile, Chizuru shops at the store when he spots super spicy pudding on the shelf. He is surprised by this and purchases some before making his way home. As he is feeding their pets, Yuzuru shows up a while later and Chizuru mentions that he bought some of his favorite pudding. This ends up ignored though.

In his own room, Yuzuru is excited to find out that Kanade will be on the radio the next day- until he sees that Chizuru will be with him.

At home, Kanade enjoys a snack and observes Ritsu writing a letter to the Agency. Ritsu makes discussion on it until he realizes Kanade took his ice cream. Kanade is confused since he didn't notice the note left on it, but offers to give him what remains. Frustrated, considering half is gone, Ritsu refuses and insults the clueless Kanade.

At 3:00 am, Yuzuru gets up to have the pudding when he overhears Chizuru rehearsing for the radio show. He listens to him but remains quiet, noticing "for you Yuzu" written on the pudding cup. This causes him to recall a past memory when Chizuru gave him a note to have him take his place for an event.

The next day Chizuru prepares for school and Yuzuru approaches, suggesting they walk together. Delighted Chizuru quickly accepts; only for Yuzuru to pull the rug out from under him and reveal that he wants to appear on the radio with Kanade. Chizuru is shocked by this, but comes to a realization.

At the office, Chizuru shows up to join the staff and Kanade and quickly embraces Kanade before they head into the nearby room. As it turns out, this is not Chizuru- but Yuzuru after all. In a flashback he reminded Chizuru of the past and how they used to switch places, and Chizuru agrees to it, hiding his disappointment.

Suddenly, Kanade snaps Yuzuru out of his thoughts by pointing out the strange face he made, which isn't like Chizuru at all. He claims to be fine and starts to play with his hair as the show begins, introducing both himself and Kanade. He goes on to remind the audience that he has a twin, while Kanade has a brother, and thought they could share special stories that only they could. "Chizuru" explains that because nobody could tell them apart, their parents started writing their names on the soles of their shoes. Although, he goes on to say that in the past they did everything together- to the point that he once took medicine twice because their mom was unable to tell who she already gave it to when they got sick.

Meanwhile, Chizuru and Itsuki hang out in the library. Itsuki can see how sad Chizuru is, but he claims it to be okay since it was his fault Yuzuru has changed over the years. Itsuki mentions that while he doesn't know what happened between them, if it was Chizuru who did it then it is up to him to fix it.

"Chizuru" and Kanade take a break, putting "Glory Story" onto the radio for the listeners. Kanade is still anxious, so "Chizuru" suggests he acts more confidently. It's then Kanade remarks that Chizuru seems a lot less energetic than usual, so he quickly attempts to claim he fine again when suddenly, the real Chizuru shows up. Kanade is confused as Yuzuru takes off his wig and the producers attempt to convince them to wait since the song is almost over. Chizuru refuses, and asks that he and Yuzuru stop acting like this now. He asks to take Kanade's seat to sit across his brother and Kanade attempts to introduce both brothers after the song ends, moving seats and deciding they should cover some emails from the fans. To his horror, the first letter they find is from Ritsu.

Meanwhile, Ritsu is shocked to hear this and informs their mom.

Kanade reads the letter as the brothers remain silent. In it, Ritsu complains about Kanade taking his things important to him. He did apologize, but he is unable to forgive him and asks how he could get back at him for it. Such words surprise Kanade, but he is left feeling flustered by it and attempts to play it off by acting like he doesn't know the person. He asks the twins if they ever fight, and they admit they don't. Although Chizuru wishes they could, pointing out how they used to be together all the time. Yuzuru claims they were together too often though, and Kanade attempts to solve his brothers letter on his own until Chizuru suddenly starts to talk about his past with Yuzuru.

As they were growing up they dreamed of being idols together. But one day, Yuzuru played a prank on Chizuru by putting hot peppers into his milk, and as punishment he had to stay at home while Chizuru went to the zoo with their mother. Chizuru was unable to enjoy himself and ran off from his parents in an attempt to find Yuzuru when Haruto helped him up after he fell. Charmed by the young boys innocent and happy personality, Haruto sent an audition letter to Chizuru from D-Four Production, explaining that he was swayed by Chizuru's appearance and believes he would be perfect as an Idol. But while the news made Chizuru happy, it was heartbreak for Yuzuru given that they both wanted to become Idols. Knowing how much it meant to Yuzuru, Chizuru quickly let his twin take his place; and while he accepted, Yuzuru started to resent Chizuru.

Chizuru was unable to understand why, but at the end of the audition as they realized Yuzuru wasn't the same boy, they fell for his charm as well. From that moment Yuzuru started to change and ignore Chizuru.

A year later Chizuru managed to make D-Four Productions as well and happily announced this to his brother. But to his surprise, the unknown damage was done. It was too late to return to the past, and he was left wondering why neither of them suggested they attended the Auditions together. Now it appears that the older brother views the younger as a traitor and no longer cares for him.

Kanade suddenly interrupts, and points out that although he and Ritsu fight a lot they don't hate each other at all. He could never hate Ritsu like Chizuru fears Yuzuru may feel. After a moment, Yuzuru goes on to mention that he felt lonely after what happened since they thought they would always be together, and he knew one day they might be separated but he got too caught up in his pride to do anything to fix it. With that he honestly replies to Ritsu's letter by suggesting he be more clear with his brother in hopes of fixing things, rather than worsen them.

The next day Chizuru thanks Itsuki for his advice. He feels better now and he has given a unit some thought, and for now he is happy to be with Itsuki. With that, they go to get ready for their performance.

In the training room, Traffic Signal come to a stop to watch their performance on the television nearby.

On stage, Chizuru and Itsuki introduce that they will perform "STARTING TOGETHER" and change with the Dorica.

After the performance ends, Yuzuru shows up to compliment Chizuru's performance. He claims that although it isn't as good as his own units, it wasn't that bad. He then hands him a Super Drink- which as usual was laced with spicy peppers, which Chizuru once again falls for. However, everyone can see their love for one-another has been restored and while Itsuki is left feeling happy, he has started to wonder where he should be heading now.


  • This is the first episode staring Yuzuru, as well as Chizuru.
  • Yuzuru's Idol unit is revealed, In-Show-Ha. His idol mates are Yuu Andou and Takumi Uno


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