First Variety Show!!!
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Kanji はじめてのバラエティー!!!
Air Date 10-29-16
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Insert Song The Three Musketeers of the Rose
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First Variety Show!!! is the 5th episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on October 28th, 2016.


As they determine their unit leader, Traffic Signal is invited to perform on Heartthrob Prince with Itsuki and Chizuru, but Kanade is very anxious over the role he will be chosen to ad-lib. But in this time he comes to realize he possesses something special with some help from someone unexpected...


After having a photo session, Traffic Signal sits down for an interview. They mention they haven't yet determined a leader, although all three of them would like the position. They are all with reason, and continue discussing it after returning to the agency. Shin suggests they determine the perfect leader after they see who does the best for their next job; which happens to be making an appearance on the Variety Show, "Heartthrob Prince". 

In the President's office, Sho explains to them how popular the show is, and how a lot of idols from this agency make an appearance on it. As they overlook the papers they are given, Kanade is left feeling disappointed and anxious.

At home, Kanade's younger brother Ritsu shares his surprise to know Kanade is being invited on a show he enjoys, but Kanade is unsure he can do it. So Ritsu attempts to show him how easy it is to ad-lib a cheesy line using a drink and turning it into something sensual, as if a girl was watching. Kanade is left impressed by this, along with their mother. But Kanade realizes he has a lot to learn for this show.

Later, Junya is surprised to find Haruto taking a shower. He steps into the stall nearby and Haruto brings up Shin and Kanade. Junya awkwardly attempts to respond, but quickly steps out of the shower after him to ask where he found Kanade anyway, and he is left curious as Haruto walks off while recalling how they met.

Eventually the day arrives when the show will be recording. They keep to themselves, surprised when Itsuki and Chizuru suddenly arrive- to their surprise, Chizuru explains that they will be making guest appearances on the show as well. But he is a bit annoyed that nobody told them they would be with them too. However, they are both happy, and Itsuki gives everyone something he baked earlier. Junya encourages him to consider selling the item at some point, and they are shown having a friendly relationship before everyone heads onto the set to wait for the show to begin.

Kanade remains anxious, listening to the staff until Junya brings up what Haruto told him. Kanade asks why it was brought up but they are unable to discuss it further as the show begins.

The show begins with Traffic Signal introducing themselves as the hosts of the program that day. Noticing how anxious Kanade is, they try to play it off and discuss how the show works, then they go on to reveal that they will be joined by Itsuki and Chizuru. With that they use the nearby roulette to determine who goes first; and it ends up being Junya, who is momentarily surprised until hearing his fans shout words of encouragement. 

With that, he is thrust into his situation: an outside cafeteria. The theme is that the viewer is very late for a date with him, and quickly Junya manages to charm the audience with his aggressive side while expressing his worries for the viewer being late.

After Junya, Shin is put into his own setting: the aquarium. The viewer is on a date with him, and like Junya he wins over the audience, while Chizuru analyzes how Shin manages to convey such emotion. Unnown to them, Shin is actually observing the fish within the tank he's standing by, recognizing it as one that provides sushi.

By now, Haruto begins to wonder if the President enjoys teasing him and brings up how he always offers him food, then informs him it needs to be cooked after he tries to eat it. Sho remains clueless and has a seat while waiting for their snack to finish. He brings up their plans to choose a leader for their unit from the job, and they begin to chat about it- unaware of how nervous Kanade is.

While on break, bento are brought in for the group to eat, but distracted with their bickering they don't pay the woman who brings the food in much attention. The elderly woman wishes them well and prepares to leave, but before she can, Kanade pours her some green tea to drink and brings up how heavy the bento must have been for her. His concern and kindness manage to win her over, and she thanks him before taking off. As this is going on, the group silence themselves to watch the scene before commenting on how much he cheered the woman up. They decide to go and thank her as well, feeling remorse for not properly thanking her.

With the show resuming, Itsuki takes his turn with him and the viewer on a date at the movies. However, the movie hasn't started yet, so he and the viewer talk for a bit. With his easygoing nature he too wins the audience over, and soon Chizuru takes his own turn, with the setting taking place at the end of a date during the evening. Out of the entire group he manages to get the loudest cheer from the fans for his cute and playful personality.

Kanade prepares for his turn- but to his shock he is put into a prank situation: on a farm. Once again Kanade is left anxious, unsure of how to approach such a situation as the others worriedly watch the frozen Kanade from behind the stage. Without giving it a moments thought, Junya enters the scene to help Kanade by making conversation with him. The guys are surprised by this, and watch as he manages to calm him down enough to focus on the scenario, teasingly asking him about the various vegetables surrounding them.

To everyone's surprise, Kanade, getting fed up decides to tease Junya on his own by placing one of the small tomato into his mouth. This sends the audience members into nearly a riot and he manages to surpass the cheering everyone else get. Continuing with his sweet and kind personality, Kanade offers the audience to try the tomato as well if they would like.

Back stage Kanade thanks Junya for helping him. Junya claims he didn't do it intentionally though, he only did it to save a "panicking idiot". Shin claims he hadn't expected Junya to do that either, but Junya continues to deny it being an act of kindness, although by now he is able to understand why Haruto sought Kanade out. It's then they decide to make Junya their leader of Traffic Signal and head out on stage for their performance.

Meanwhile, a mysterious young man is making his way towards town. He observes a magazine featuring Traffic Signal and comments on his desire to meet Kanade soon.


  • Up until the very end of this episode a dark-haired boy would show up to spy on the group. During the next episodes preview, he is revealed to be Chizuru's twin brother.


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