The New Face That Plays Our Bonds!!
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Kanji 絆を奏でるニューフェイス!
Air Date 9-23-16
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Insert Song Glory Story
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The New Face That Plays Our Bonds!! is the premiere episode of the Dream Festival! anime series. The episode aired on September 23, 2016.


Passionless, Kanade Amamiya has resigned himself to bringing smiles to everyone's face when Haruto Mikami takes notice of him and decides to ignite a brand new passion within him by asking him to become an idol.


The episode begins with an amazing concert, lit up by cards of the fans of the unit performing, lead by legendary idol Haruto Mikami. As he is introduced the special cards are given life as he changes into the outfit on them.

As this is going on, a young man watches the screen on the opposite street. Kanade is brought back to reality when his friend and co-worker approaches to point out they have been given an impossible task: handing out 500 balloons in the alotted time. Kanade is hopeful and ready to start; catching the attention of a suspicious man sitting on a bench several feet away.

While Kanade gives it his all, running around the area, his friend barely puts in any effort. Eventually he gives up and decides to rest, with Kanade attempting to persuade him to continue, having only one balloon remaining. He hands it to a crying little boy nearby, and seeing his smile lights Kanade up and gives him more energy. He continues to hand out the balloons the other guy failed to give out, and with ease his glowing aura attracts several people.

As the day comes to an end, Kanade has managed to give out every single balloon. The suspicious man from before approaches him and with Kanade in his grasp, he leads him to his limo nearby. Kanade fights him but the older male pushes him inside, then reveals his identity as Kanade threatens to call the cops.

That evening after getting home, Kanade reveals these events to Ritsu, his younger brother and how he met Haruto. To his shock, Kanade reveals he rejected his offer to become an Idol, although his mother believes being scouted as an idol could be a good thing for Kanade. She brings up how passionate he was back in middle school when he played soccer, but after blaming himself for the final games loss he gave up on it when he entered high school. She goes on to point out how bored he is and tends to worry as of late, considering he is still young and should try to find somethhing to ignite those burned out flames.

Still, Kanade refuses and recalls how sure Haruto was that he would consider. A sudden, new voice alarms the family and they look around, only for Kanade to realize Haruto's cellphone is somehow in his possession.

The following day Kanade heads to the Agency to return the phone. He questions how he could have possibly gotten it and Haruto claims it to be nothing. But, upon noticing his behavior, Kanade realizes he did the same thing the day before and is able to determine that he slipped it into his pocket when they got close in the limo. Haruto suggests giving him a tour since he took the effort to come anyway, and starts him around before he can reject this offer. As this is going on, a yellow haired male spots them from nearby and observes them.

While showing him around, Haruto explains that currently training is the Rookie class, idols who have yet to debut on CD. They already performed live and have fans but are only known by those who are fans of idols, not everyone. The male from before, now joined by two others observe the duo from inside the room and wonder if Kanade is new to the company. Usually Haruto doesn't waste his time showing around new prospective talent, so Chizuru wonders if Kanade may have something special about him- a comment that annoys Junya, the male who was watching them.

Further confused, Kanade asks Haruto why he chose to talk to him since he's clueless, and Haruto explains that he believes Kanade is someone who can surpass the ultimate, which he determined as he passed out the balloons. Kanade did it with no complaints, and worked for hours without getting tired and brought joy and happiness to several people. Although, Haruto points out he would still need to take an audition and be selected if interested, and as Kanade refuses again, Junya interupts, claiming Kanade couldn't handle it anyway. Such words anger Kanade- who claims that he can do it, and Haruto suggests they go outside to run laps after they begin to argue. Both refuse to back down and accept.

Outside on the track, Kanade runs with Junya while Itsuki and Chizuru watch from the sidelines. Junya proves to be much faster than Kanade, and by the time they finish he's barely burnt much energy- in comparison to the worn out Kanade. They move onto the next exercise by the time he finishes, and they are joined by Chizuru and Itsuki as they do Tongue Twisters. While the trio handle it with ease, Kanade shyly attempts to keep up before they head into the dance room, where he barely manages to follow them and they head to the workout area. There, they spot Shin finishing and Junya suggests he show Kanade how to use the equipment. Shin refuses and takes off, but Chizuru and Itsuki use this as a moment to introduce Kanade to the antisocial Shin.

Eventually the day comes to an end and Kanade finally gives in after a final run. But as it turns out they're not done- they still need a shower. Once more Junya begins to say that being an idol isn't easy; the only ones that can officially debut on CD are the ones who win the upcoming competition run by the Agency, known as Dream Festival, or Dream Fes for short. He suggests that Kanade just quit, stating that even if he were to pass the audition he'd have a long way to go as he leaves the room. With such words, Kanade is left contemplating them as he finishes his shower.

Back at home, Kanade prepares for bed and thinks about how his day went. He recalls the time he used to play soccer and thinks that an Idol may be fun after all.

Eventually the day of the audition arrives and Kanade struggles to find where he is meant to go. He is approached by Junya and Shin, neither of whom believe he is capable- but their ambigous words leaves him confused until they reveal his audition will have him perform alongside them. Before he can get his bearings, Kanade is thrust upon the stage and is overcome with doubt until Junya reassures him, much to his surprise. As he recalls the past two days, Kanade is brought up onto the stage to join Shin and Junya while awkwardly gawking at his surroundings. He introduces himself, being informed they probably can't hear him due to his lack of a microphone at the time, which is taken in good humor as they start the performance.

The audience members inserting their chosen cards for them to wear and start Dorica, with them explaining to Kanade that he must catch the cards the audience send to them to represent their feelings. As he manages, Kanade brightly thanks everyone as he accepts their feelings and together they perform Glory Story.

Once the performance ends, Shin and Junya walk ahead of the amazed Kanade. He is approached by Haruto, who brings him outside to chat. He asks Kanade of his feelings, and he admits that while nervous, he ended up enjoying himself, but he really doesn't understand how important the cheers and dorica they receive are. To answer his questions, Haruto goes on to show him how more amazing they are when he turns to release the thousands of Dorica into the sky while explaining what these feelings bring to everyone.

While watching this, Kanade slowly comes to a realization. Without any passion his life was stuck in a rut, but once again he believes he has found something, and with that Haruto announces that he has officially passed the audition.


  • The starting intro of the anime is reminiscent of the ones in the Aikatsu! and Aikatsu Stars! series in which the main character introduces the series to the audience with similar sounding speeches and ending the segment with a pose. 
  • The title in Japanese uses 奏, which is the same kanji that is used to spell Kanade's name.
  • When Kanade replies to Junya's challenge about training, he uses the words イケるっしょ! (Ikerussho! lit. I can do it!) These words are repeated throughout the episode; later appearing in other episodes of the anime and even the mobile game. This culminated in its usage by fans instead of the traditional Encore! (アンコール!) at DearDream 1st LIVE Real Dream.


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