Chizuru Sawamura
沢村 千弦
Sawamura Chizuru
Gender ♂ Male
Age 16
Blood Type B
Birthday November 11th
Occupation Idol
Affiliation DearDream
Anime Episode 1
• Portrayal•
CV Kaoru Masaki
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Chizuru Sawamura is one of the main characters of the series, Dream Festival! He is in a unit called DearDream along with Kanade Amamiya, Shin Oikawa, Junya Sasaki, and Itsuki Katagiri. He and Itsuki are in a subunit called W-MaSKat. His preferred brand is Peace Parade.

Yuzuru Sawamura is his twin brother and a fellow Idol.


Chizuru has a fair complexion and is the shortest among the group with a slightly smaller frame in comparison to the other members of DearDream. He has wide violet eyes and pale lilac hair, which frames his face with several long, slightly sticking up strands.

At the agency, Chizuru wears a white jacket lined in black with lavender cloth sticking out from his pocket. This is worn with a grey-lavender button up shirt, white pants, and black shoes. 


He is very outgoing, childlike and friendly, but he has a blunt side to himself and can be impulsive at times, although he only has others' best interests in mind. He loves sweets and eating food, and is normally found doing that, rather than work or paying much attention to important things.

He is very caring towards others, shown when he worried about Shin's idol career despite not being friends with him yet. He also loves his brother deeply and is shown being affectionate towards those he likes. He has nicknames for all of his friends - Kanade is Kana-chan, Itsuki is Icchan, Junya is Jun-kun, and Shin is Shichan. 

At times Chizuru can show an air-headed side to himself. He also has a tendency to be overly dramatic when he worries. He often speaks with japanese onomatopoeia rather than actual words.

Game Profile

Q. Why did you become an idol?
A. Because they shine and looked fun!

Q. What is your best point?
A. Aalll about me ☆

Q. Your family is consisted of?
A. Daddy, mommy and oh my brother ♪

Q. Tell us your "My boom"!
A. Eating sweets made by Icchan!

Q. Last words for fan?
A. Everyone cheers are shining so I love it~☆


  • Yuzuru Sawamura - Chizuru's older twin brother. In the past they were inseparable until an incident caused them to drift apart. Chizuru adores Yuzuru and eventually they reconcile, although Yuzuru remains cool around him.


  • Itsuki Katagiri - Chizuru and Itsuki are childhood friends who became Idols around the same time. They are very close and are normally shown together.


Chizuru Sawamura/Role

Significant Coords


Sawamura (沢村): Sawamura means "swamp village", coming from Sawa () meaning "swamp", combined with Mura () meaning "village".

Chizuru (千弦): Chizuru comes from Chi () meaning "thousand" and Zuru () meaning "string", "bowstring" or "handle".


  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Chizuru is 160 cm tall.
  • He comes from Hokkaido.
  • He has a few exotic pets at home.
  • His twitter name is @DF_ChizuruS.[1]
  • He can use multiple Tablets at once.
  • In the mobile game, music notes and stars are often added to his dialogue.