Candy Block Coord (キャンディブロック) is an HR coord from Peace Parade. In the special versions for AnimeJapan2016, it is a Rare coord.

There is also the Candy Block R Coord, which can only be obtained from the Our Thanks are the Smiles of Flowers! ~First Anniversary~ event in the app game.



Each guy has their own colored variations of this coord, along with various details.


Each version includes a white top worn beneath a white vest and a colorful, diamond tile jacket with pale detail in the characters theme color, vibrant colored glittery top collar, and fringed shoulder pads. At the collar, each guy wears their own accessory, including Shin and Kanade wearing a tie, Junya wears a ribbon, Chizuru wears a bow-tie, and Itsuki wears a ruffleed cloth. Some characters have their jackets open, while others do not.


White pants featuring the diamond tile pattern covering one leg, or going down the sides, along with pale lines in the characters theme color. Each guy has his own little accessories, including a glittering ruby belt with a gold chain and buckle for Kanade, three yellow straps on the right leg for Junya, purple colored pockets for Chizuru, and a mint belt with gold buckle for Itsuki. Shin's pants are plain, while Junya and Chizuru's are shorter in length to expose a small part of leg.


Each guy wears unique, glittering shoes in their theme color. Kanade wears short boots with white toe and detail, Shin wears blue loafers, Junya and Chizuru wear sneakers with various differences, and Itsuki wears emerald boots with white and mint accents.


Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3
B dfv01-001 00
Red Candy Block Jacket

B dfv01-002 00
Red Candy Block Pants

B dfv01-003 00
Red Candy Block Shoes



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