Brand (ブランド) is the general term that identifies the distinctive product of a company. In the Dream Festival universe, the term "brand" is used to describe the company in which the Dream Fes Cards, aka Dorika, are from. Each brand is based on one of the four music genres: Pops, Dance, Melody, or Rock and from there creates designs with themes and styles unique to that brand. There are currently four active brands, and one coming up.


Ico brand pp
Peace Parade

Peace Parade a pops-genre brand. With cute, eye-catching costumes it's colorful designs will make any one smile! This brand is favored by Kanade Amamiya and Chizuru Sawamura.

Ico brand gd

GRANDE DIAMANTE is a pops-genre brand. Make any Idol shine like a diamond with this gorgeous attire. This is Shin Oikawa's preferred brand.

Ico brand az
Alexandra Z

Alexandre Z is a dance-genre brand. Passionate red themes highlight these sexy costumes.

Ico brand ft
Flow terrace

Flow terrace is a melody-genre brand. Casual for every day wear and naturally popular. Junya Sasaki is shown favoring this brand.

Logo leminuit

Le Minuit

Le Minuit is a rock-genre brand. Specializing in Dark color tones for the Gothic style. This brand puts the difference in unique co-ordinate.

La Rondine

La Rondine

La Rondine is a Melody-genre brand. All genre make up this brand, which specializies in formal costumes. Keigo Kazama appears to favor this brand.

Logo boomboombomb
Boom Boom Bomb

Boom Boom Bomb is a Dance-genre brand that specializes in sporty costume. Many casual sneaker styles is the main feature, along with mobility.



AIM GOAT is a Rock-genre brand focusing on costumes and realistic designs.