A directory for all cards considered Brandless that aren't an official coordinate.


Card Description
A red striped T-shirt with black lining. Spatters of red paint are all over the top, along with a red winged heart with ROCK written on it.
Pants of crimson, black, and purple. The right top leg and lower left are black, while the top left leg is purple and the bottom right is crimson.
White loafers with black sole. Two crimson straps rest on top of the foot.


Card Description
A dull white shirt with melody written in tan cursive. Designed on the top is a blue shaped resembling a folded scarf or sweater with white markings, giving it a cloud texture.
A denim torso with pale brown hood, cuff, and bottom. The sleeves are white and denim striped. Print on the torso are two circles with melody written in the center. Above it is since, while 1983 rests beneath it.
Dark chocolate loafers with black sole. The flap on top of the foot is midnight blue with a strap on top of it.
 Dark blue loafers with black sole and foot strap.


Card Description
A custard parka with POPS written in orange and gold bubble letters on a white cloud. The collar, strings, cuff, and bottom are dark pink.
A white T-shirt with yellow sleeves and collar adorned with white dot print. POPS is written in orange and gold bubble letters.
Split colored pants. The right side is gold, the left is white with a white bubble P on a green, fuchsia, or purple circle.
Gold sneakers with white sole, line detail, and strings. On the top is POPS in white letters on a small orange strip.


Card Description
A black parka with DANCE written in a purple to yellow gradient with stylized graffiti. The collar and pocket is made of grey, dull white, and emerald camo print.
A black T-shirt with DANCE drawn in white grafitti. The sleeves and collar are dull green with a ring of black above the bottom of each sleeve.


Card Description
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Spirals circling the users head to imply dizziness. Among them are tiny colorful stars and yellow birds.
Tumblr otwtlr6zAy1vgctpqo1 1280
A pair of thin, black, half-rim glasses.
Tumblr ouu6wak2xt1vgctpqo1 400
A plain white T-shirt with a yellow checkered print apron over it.
Tumblr ox3renwAIF1vgctpqo1 1280
A hat shaped like melon bread.
Tumblr oyfsv0vqtn1vgctpqo1 1280
A black headband with a golden halo attached to it.