Blood Priest Coord (ブラッドプリースト) is a Rare coord from GRANDE DIAMANTE. It is a recolor of the Cool Priest Coord. The Dark Exorcist Coord is based off of it.




A white top with gold lining and buttons, worn beneath a long sleeved top with the same details on the sleeve cuff. The cuff is crimson to match the band of color circling the navel and to accent the details of the shawl-like cape wrapped around the shoulders. Included is a gold cross necklace with red detail, a black choker with a tiny gold cross charm, and a gold bead necklace. The user also gains white gloves with crimson and gold ring around the top.


Dark red pants with white and gold accent around the bottom. A gold design is on the top of each leg, beneath the black belt. A gold oval with a cross ornament rests in the middle.


White boots with a crimson sole to match the strap on the foot. The cuff is gold.


Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3
Blood Priest Top

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Blood Priest Bottoms

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Blood Priest Boots


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